The United States wakes up Canada early to ensure the top of Group B in the Gold Cup


The United States beat Canada 1-0 to secure first place in Group B with six points, and put the Maple Leaf team in second place at the conclusion of the sector’s first stage of the Gold Cup.

“We showed a lot of effort and character throughout the game after getting up so fast and overcoming all the things that came up,” said US coach Greg Berhalter. “I am proud of the team’s efforts.

“In these conditions of the game, when you have the ball, you have to keep it, because when you lose it, it will be difficult to get it back. In this match we got it in the first half, but then, in the second half, we couldn’t keep up with it and we had to defend” .

Just 20 seconds into the match, Shaquille Moore opened the scoreboard, and despite constant pressure from Canada, including two controversial games in the region, a 1-0 score was enough for the United States.

“It’s a bit disappointing. It was a lot of effort from the group, and that makes us very proud, but we have to win these matches. He regretted that John Herdman, the Canadian strategist, said. To update ourselves, which was great, to (the formation) 4-4-2, we removed the five streak and it looked better as a team.”

The final numbers ended up in favor of Canada, whose team was quick to score after relegating early and reversed its statistical dominance with 14 shots to six from the United States and 55 percent of possession.

“(The Americans) were in control in the first 25 minutes, and scored the first goal. I give all credit to Gregg, but after that, I think we took more control. It would be great to meet again in the final in Las Vegas,” Herdman added.

The United States and Canada are waiting for a Gold Cup quarter-final contender and both will leave Group C, with Costa Rica and Jamaica vying for position in this sector.

The United States will face second place in Group C, while Canada will face first place.

“We wanted to be top of the group and we succeeded. We are happy and excited for the quarter-finals. This team showed good things,” Berhalter concluded.

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