The United States will require a certificate of vaccination to be able to travel

The United States will require a certificate of vaccination to be able to travel

United State I was informed that the new procedures To reach travelers to your country. starting from November, it will be necessary to show a vaccination certificate, In addition to covid-19 test Negation. Similarly, the travel restrictions Not necessary for Mexico.

The US government has announced new customs measures regarding Covid-19. From November, it will be necessary for travelers to get the Covid vaccine; As well as a certificate to prove it. The measure will apply to passengers arriving from European Union countries and the United Kingdom. However, the same measures are expected to be announced in the next few days for the rest of the countries.

Next to certificateIt will be necessary to submit an antigen test with a negative result, which must be carried out no later than 72 hours before the flight. This was noted during a press conference at the White House led by Joe Biden’s Covid-19 response team.

What vaccinations will they require to enter the United States?

So far there are no restrictions on which vaccines will be allowed into the country. In fact EE.UU. Three brands are approved: Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnsson & Johnsson. Jeff Zents, the White House chief of staff, announced that the information will be released in November.

This measure will apply to all travelers visiting the United States, whether for business, tourism or other activities.

It is not yet known whether Sputnik V, Kansino and Sinovac It will be accepted. At the moment, these types of vaccines are not accepted in the European Union.

For their part, in the case of Mexico and Canada, it was announced that restrictions on their land borders for non-essential travel, such as tourism, would continue until October 21.

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