The US claim to the atom is political, not commercial: economics

The US claim to the atom is political, not commercial: economics

The US disagreement with Mexico over its plan to limit imports of GM corn lacks a commercial basis and instead has “political” motivesMexico’s Economy Ministry said on Monday.

And the US said it might consider going to a trade disputes panel under the North American Free Trade Agreement (TMEC), if that is the case. No suitable solution could be obtained over the dispute Mexico planThat would ban genetically modified corn for human consumption.

Mexico’s position on GM corn is consistent with commitments in the labor agreement, which also includes Canada, the economy ministry said in a statement.

But, he added, if the United States wanted to present the dispute as a dispute, “It must prove quantitatively, that is, put in numbers, nothing happened: The maize decree commercially affects its imports.

In its statement, the federal agency reported that on February 24, the Minister of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro, and the US Trade Representative, Ambassador Catherine Tay, held a virtual meeting on the issue.

Buenrostro emphasized that the new decree published by President López Obrador clarified the scope of the public policy.

He emphasized that Mexico was the center of origin of maize and that this instrument sought to ensure biodiversity and the preservation of 64 indigenous maize strains.

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