North America Strengthens Its Supply Chain: SE

North America Strengthens Its Supply Chain: SE

February 27, 2023 | 1:59 p.m

The Ministry of the Economy (SE) announced that Mexico, the United States and Canada have reached an agreement to strengthen their capabilities Suppliers against possible future emergencies.

T-MEC members set up working groups with the aim of “Agreeing on work protocols and adopting a unified definition of the crucial or basic productive sectorsdetailed agency.

Through a statement, it was detailed that this would be allowed Strengthening supply chains in the region By being better prepared and coordinated in the face of any eventuality.

the The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how vulnerable the production chain isAs a result of a minor failure, prices and supplies were greatly affected.

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Resolution No. 5

As part of the working groups, the T-MEC Free Trade Committee agreed to create a tripartite subcommittee for Ensure supply chain flexibility during various potential emergencies.

Decision No. 5 of this committee proves this Each of the member states shall have internal procedures for coordinating the actions of relevant bodies at the central government level.

They will also have a procedure for Coordination at the central and regional levelas well as consulting with industries and other non-governmental stakeholders, including workers, who would be directly affected by the interruption of commercial flows in the region in the event of an emergency.

every country will be assigned a point of contact and must be notified of any change, In addition, each member of the North American Trade Agreement is required to provide “relevant information” about its coordination and consultation procedures.

The Subcommittee for the Coordination of Tripartite Emergency Response may Consider any issues affecting the implementation of this decision To encourage more coordination and consultation between stakeholders.

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