The US Congress asks Biden to evaluate electoral reform in Mexico

The US Congress asks Biden to evaluate electoral reform in Mexico

During the morning conference on December 16, 2022, the national media asked Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)President of Mexico, his opinion on Reforma newspaper page. Since in the header you can read “Biden analyzes the blow to the NIS”referring to the effect of electoral reform.

In the question put to the President of the Republic, it was stated that the plan refers to “colonial thoughtWell, he wants to imply that the United States should get involved in our electoral reform.” In addition to the fact that the US Congress “requests a report from Biden that they position as national security” regarding this they asked the Mexican president for his opinion.

AMLO responded to the above.Conservatives have a mindsetColonizer, you don’t know how to be a free and independent citizen, They are subordinatebut this is the fix.” To comment later between laughs, “Do you think the President of the United States has that on his agenda?”.

for his part, Jesus Ramirez Cuevassocial media coordinator, indicated that Congress has asked Biden to review electoral reform. Foreign media reported that the request came through a provision in the National Defense Expenditure Authorization Act. This provision has been approved in the US Senate.

The foregoing is with the aim of “evaluating the ability to ensure accountability for human rights violations (in Mexico) and their implications for the national security of the United States.” Likewise, the President of the United States must report to the United States Congress an assessment of any change in Electoral Institutions and Democracy in Mexicoindicates the request.

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