The world is upside down or upside down

The world is upside down or upside down

We will soon be reviewing Mexico’s 2022 budget; Which, apparently, would be of the inertial type and would not adjust to macroeconomic increases

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All over the world there is talk financial crisis 2020, And in 2021 on Inflation around the world. But no one imagines how we can achieve economic development in the short term and be in the same conditions as other countries by 2022.

Today we discuss history, as well as the past, present and future. It is good to grow our group, as long as people are interested in this information, however, we can not forget that it is not feeding it. Each person’s reality affects the way in which they can approach daily life and relate it to their own job opportunities.

To determine a person’s quality of life, it is not enough to be happy or feel; This does not pay rent, mortgage, food, school, transportation, services and energy for each of the activities that take place in homes, besides the fact that basic basket products have increased in recent months and salaries contract due to the decline in business activity.

Mexico’s GDP

The Start It is one of the indicators used to determine the effectiveness of pGeneral policies related to the development of the country’s wealth, based on a finite population, in a period of time; they call it this PIB per capita Mexico is about 5 to 9 times less T-MEC’s ​​business partners.

Let’s face it, we are very dependent on our trading neighbor United State In order to have favorable cash flows within our economy. Much of our exchange is centered in two US states, Texas and Michigan, with $120-130 billion in 2020. Now that T-MEC has more rules, regulations, and mechanisms to implement equality, will we be up to the task? Able to respond in a timely manner and put ourselves on an equal footing with our partners?

United States and Canada From 2000 to 2020 The per capita GDP has doubledIn Mexico, only a thousand dollars increased, but the peso fell. In the face of an economic downturn, the Stars, Stripes and Maple Leaf trading partners will recover these macroeconomic data in 2021, while that will happen in Mexico in 2024.

according to International Monetary Fund, GDP per capita from 2018 to 2020 in Mexico decreased by 22 thousand pesos, It is a reflection of the economic slowdown and is linked to the shrinking of people’s purchasing power.

necessary investment

In order to restore the pre-pandemic values ​​that determine that a family can have what it takes to have a better life (not happiness), they must Investing and trading money growsWith the aim of increasing the average salary.

When the import country decides, indicates that it does not produce or own the product, service or input to carry out any activity within internal markets and limits access to the population, depending on the terms of the transaction under trade agreements.

Jigsaw before T-MEC

This can only be remedied by distributing more money in the economy, allowing others to risk money and the nation through laws, regulations, and regulations, and recording income through taxes from corporations.The day before TMEC is more stringent. Only public investment will not be able to.

In 20 days we will review Mexico’s budget for 2022; which, apparently, will be of the inertial type and will not adjust to the macroeconomic increases observed in 2021. There will be a great deal of uncertainty about the ability to reach the targets set in the exchange rate, inflation, interest rate, barrel rate, and to reduce the country’s debt.

It asks me this question: If the world were to reduce greenhouse gases, would there be public investment in Mexico for state-producing companies to improve the factories that were running?

It’s then Mexico, are we really an economic power?

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