There will be an offensive battle in the second group in Qatar

There will be an offensive battle in the second group in Qatar

“England starts as a candidate, but the United States generates expectations in me, which this time comes with a more solid league and unified players in Europe. Former Colombian coach Luis Augusto “Cheke” Garcia said of Group B in Qatar that Iran has the advantage of the process that Queiroz, Wales have resumed. It is she who can damage everyone’s trajectory, as she arrives without stress.Here we analyze this area.

England with a devastating attack

With eight strikers he would appear in Qatar and a roster capable of intimidating anyone, but with doubts in defense due to the lack of key defenders, Rhys James and Ben Chilwell, and the uncertainty of his two defenders, Harry Maguire and John. stones. England captain and scorer Harry Kane and Leicester City striker James Maddison, who played 30 games, between goals and assists since the start of last season, are led by more than any other English player.

Number: Harry Kane

The Tottenham striker is the second goalscorer ever for his team with 49 goals, tied with Bobby Charlton and four with Wayne Rooney (53). Having become Russia’s top scorer 2018 (six goals), at the age of 29, he will seek to replicate and contribute to the necessary goals so that England can progress beyond the semi-finals, an example he played in 2018.

America and its new generation

After not participating in Russia, he arrived with a replacement for young promises. The United States, jointly organized with Mexico and Canada in the next World Cup scheduled for 2026, will participate in the eleventh World Cup, and its best result was third place in the first edition held in Uruguay in 1930. It has a new generation of promises struggling in Europe, such as Weston McKinney (Juventus), Sergio Dest (AC Milan) or Gio Reina (Borussia Dortmund).

the shape: Christian Pulisic

By the age of 24, he has become a leader, figure and reference for his team. He belongs to the English club Chelsea, a team with four seasons, in which they won the European Super Cup, the European Champions League and the Club World Cup. Their only remaining titles are the Premier League and National Cups. He added 5 goals in the qualifying stage.

Iran trusts its present

The results of the Iranians in recent years show their development. It is one of the biggest centers of Asian football in recent years. This is his third consecutive rating. He never made it past the first round, so it would be historic to advance. In the last two versions he was on the verge of achieving this. In 2014, Messi had to come to the rescue to give Argentina the win and prevent them from going to the Round of 16. In 2018, they managed to defeat Morocco and fought to the end to try to eliminate Spain or Portugal, but they did not succeed.

the shape: Mahdi Termi

The Porto player is a very complete striker, skilled in handling the ball and cooperating well outside the area, although without a doubt, his virtue appears when he approaches the goal. Strong and smart when it comes to navigating the field. This year he played 44 matches in the Portuguese league and scored 26 goals.

Wales play without pressure

After overcoming a touching tie against Austria and Ukraine, Wales comes to the enjoyment. Despite the increased expectations, he goes to Qatar without fear and without pressure as this will be his second World Cup. When they enter the field against the United States in their first match, it will be the team that has had the longest waiting time between their first and second World Cup appearances. 64 years have passed since his debut (1958). The Welshman showed against Belgium and the Netherlands in the Nations League that they can do damage and will feel comfortable with their chances of beating local rivals.

the shape: Gareth Bale

Their leading player and captain. At the age of 33, he led Wales and was decisive in the playoffs. He rose to the occasion: he scored a hat-trick against Belarus on the fifth day of Group E, and already in the play-off he scored two goals against Austria that gave him a pass to the final with Ukraine, where he confirmed his rating.

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