They adopt a dog and it turns out to be a bear in China

They adopt a dog and it turns out to be a bear in China
They adopt a dog and it turns out to be a bear in China
They adopted a dog and it turned out to be a bear: a story from 2018 in China. Image: Pexels

family members They adopted a dog and it turned out to be a bearYes, that’s how you read it. This amazing fact was recorded in Cyclops Asia: China. in We tell you what happened.

The family mistook the dog for a bear?

Everything in this life can happen, in fact, in 2020we tell you In Nuevo León, they gave away a puppy who was eventually a wolfSo we repeat to you, anything can happen, and today we bring you this story that happened a long time ago, because it is not very common to hear that there are some people who They adopted a dog and it turned out to be a bearDo not you think

we tell you. day Su Yeonsomeone in Chinadecided to buy his family a Puppyspecifically which it thinks is a file An old type of ancient Tibetan dog breeda giant dog with soft black fur that can weigh between 70 and 80 kilograms.

They fed him daily the pasta And fruitIncredible as it may seem, a few years went by like this, after little by little the family began to realize irregularities that do not occur in dogBecause he demanded more and more foodAnd I stood on two legs so is it barkingIt was not like a file Tenderloin.

What happened to this bear from China?

media in China Highlight that the animal was named blackTwo years after he was adopted, a family Su Yeon They realized they made a mistake They adopted a dog and it turned out to be a bearand before that they decided to notify local forest authoritieswhich was passed on to A Rescue and Protection Centrebecause the Asian black bear is a species animal Class II protected China.

How is this animal?

body black bear Sturdy, its legs are long, its muzzle is elongated, and although its name indicates that it is black, it is also present copies to dark or light brown until you arrive Beige color. the males measure between 1.4 and 2 meterswhile the females We are 20% smaller and measure between 1.2 and 1.6 metres. This type is classified under a group Carnivores because of the teeth it presents; However, there are also studies that show that they can be living organisms Carnivores and plantsnot only feeds on the animalsif not plants and insects, among others.

Why is the black bear endangered?

he black bear are the types that He travels long distances And it has a wide home range in response to nutritional needs Based on reproductionTherefore, they require vast areas to maintain their viable population. China Not only do you take care of this animal, other countries do it too, like Mexicobecause it is considered a file An endangered species Due to its habitat fragmentation and illegal hunting, only the inhabitants of Serranías del Burro, in coahuilaare subject to special protection (Conabio, 2011).

In addition, in CITES Appendix II, it is listed as species at risk (CITES, SF), while in red list of the IUCN into the category of least concern, because it is in United State And Canada The population is stable (Garshelis et al., 2016).

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