They propose to convert the old Canseko Hospital into a museum of medicine

They propose to convert the old Canseko Hospital into a museum of medicine

Former Canseco Tampico Hospital

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Former Canseco Tampico Hospital

They suggest that building Old Civil Hospital in Tampico Became the Medicine MuseumRespect for its architecture and historical value.

Olga Mendes Hernandez, Representative, International Commission on Monuments and Sites A UNESCOI mentioned that this is possible If you follow the necessary steps to get support National Institute of Fine Arts and LettersIt is an artistic property.

“The problem was parking, but the center requires that as well, and we have to create one that can solve this situation and preserve the building,” he added.

He explained that it could be used for various uses and a museum of medicine seemed very feasible, although he added that one could also think of school or clinic.

“Including my students from La Salle University in Victory City They have done many projects where They suggest restaurants with architecture at that time And a cafeteria on the ground floor.

She commented that she had been a professor at that institution for 17 years and taught real estate intervention, involving her students on issues such as the former hospital.

“Building A gem worth salvaging and redeemingWe must make this effort, and the time has come, we must take action, not wait to see other years pass by, Don’t expect it to collapse.”

Mendez Hernandez pointed this out with Mexican College of Engineers and Architects A way to perform rehabilitation has been sought, but it is required that other cases also standardize in this way.

“It is clear that the building is in need of a comprehensive rehabilitation; They have executive projects that did not stand out due to not following the correct guidelinesIt is very important to sit down with INBA and INAH.”

He stated that very in-depth studies have been carried out and The building is in good structural and foundational conditionHowever, Over time it is the outer part that is affected.


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