These are the 5 best action science fiction movies of the 80s


Since then, it has been one of the strong points of cinema The ability to bring up worlds we can’t see in real life. Much of the blame for this lies in stories that seek to strip us of what happens on a daily basis, as well as everyone else. Possible effects in cinemabut we’ve always been able to enjoy the special effects Gorgeous like today? The answer is clear: no.

in the first moment, Cinema technologies weren’t able to access it What we have today but it is true that this has not prevented science fiction films from appearing. Basically, the most obvious Effects are developed in more primitive ways, that is, with utensils and everyday items in order to simulate what is needed. This is where creativity comes into play. There were very amazing results as in Star Wars And George Lucas, who achieved more with less.

For the day Let’s try to analyze the best science fiction films which used practical effects. It is true that you have to compare it to a different publication depending on the contract, but we will focus on it A very productive time for cinema like the 80s. This way we will leave you the movies and scenes we’ve watched over the years as Great references of this genre with the most impressive practical effects.

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