‘They ruined my face,’ a woman denounced after microblading procedure (video)

‘They ruined my face,’ a woman denounced after microblading procedure (video)

The woman confirmed that her face was destroyed after the plastic surgery they performed at the Kai Brow Bar clinic; I recommend being “extremely careful” with places that do this.

Mexico City, 14 May (However). – a American woman found to be accomplished aesthetic operationsA photo on the face can be dangerous and expensive, especially when the results are not as expected.

In a video on social networks, Crystal Weinstock From Houston, Texas, we shared the dangers of owning technology Semi-permanent makeupknown as microbladingWhich lasts from six months to two years.

The 38-year-old said that when she saw the results of the operation, she was offended when she saw that her eyebrows were very thick after the intervention at the Kai Brow Bar Clinic.

Weinstock paid $340 (about 6,900 pesos) for this treatment, which consists of tinting an area of ​​skin with tiny needles.

“I’ve been thinking about doing microscopic sculpting on my eyebrows for some time. A lot of people have recommended it to me and the results online are amazing. They ripped my face off of me though,” Weinstock said.

On her TikTok account, Crystal showed the results of the microblading she underwent, which were far from her expectations: “First, this is embarrassing. Second, this is not what I’m asking.”

The young woman, who was affected by the result, warned people to “be very careful with the centers where they will undergo cosmetic plastic surgery.”

The video has been played millions of times by users who have also accompanied her in her pain, ensuring that she is not the only person who has experienced such a situation.

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