Finland confirms its request to NATO, as announced by Sauli Niinistö

Finland confirms its request to NATO, as announced by Sauli Niinistö

Government Finland Announced on Sunday their intention to join NATOWhile Sweden’s ruling party is also holding a crucial meeting on a possible application for joint NATO membership.

This declaration, which represents the rebalancing of forces in Europe After decades of military non-alignment and nearly three months of conflict in Ukrainewhere the West ensures that the Russian forces will suffer heavy losses.

What is the next step for the government of Finland and Sweden?

Decision to apply for NATO Still need to be certified Parliament It is expected that Sweden Follow the same path that infuriated Moscow that threatens to retaliate.

The Social Democratic Party, to which the Swedish government belongs, gave its approval this Sunday to run for membership in NATO, which will allow the executive branch to submit an application to join. with Finland.

most members NATO Entry support to the two Scandinavian countries except turkeywhich also threatens to block it.

Russia answers

Russia Already stopped supplying electricity Finlandwith which it shares a border of 1,300 km, and the electricity network is now operating thanks to imports SwedenAccording to Fingrid, the Finnish worker.

Finlandwhich shares a border of 1,300 km with Russiawaiting Computer attacks and its territory violations, after making its candidacy official.

resolution Finland It is a direct consequence of the Russian invasion against Ukraine, The Russian forces suffered heavy military losses, according to Western intelligence services.

to me intelligence, The conflict will swing in the East, where the forces of Moscow They face stiff resistance.

What did the president of Finland say?

at Helsinki Finnish President Sauli Niinistö He described this development as “historic”. “A new era begins,” he told a news conference.

Photo: Agence France-Presse.

FinlandSweden, with 1,300 kilometers of border with Russia, was the first to take the initiative and Sweden is following the tempo of fear of finding itself the only Baltic country (other than Russia) outside the US-led coalition. States.

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