Biden calls Kamala Harris president again

Biden calls Kamala Harris president again
Biden calls Kamala Harris president again
Joe Biden calls Kamala Harris president again. Photo: Agence France-Presse

He did it again. Joe Biden called “the boss” Kamala Harriscurrent vice president United Statewhen I gave a Speech on the sidelines of the second day of the special summit between Association of Southeast Asian Nationswhich was held on May 12 and 13 in Washington, D.C.

“The Indo-Pacific is a free, open, stable, prosperous, resilient and secure region between the Indo-Pacific. This is what we are all looking for. That is why I asked President Harris to travel to the region last August.”

Joe BidenPresident of the United States

accordingly, Joe Biden He continued to deliver his speech in front of the cameras of the media present.

In March last year, chief United State He issued a letter from the White House, in which he had already referred to his deputy Kamala Harris In the name of “President Harris”, after announcing the progress of the COVID-19 vaccination program in the United States. On that occasion he said:

“President Harris and I took a virtual tour of the vaccination center in Arizona, and one of the nurses who was injecting people and giving the vaccines, said that every injection was a dose of hope.”

Joe BidenPresident of the United States

Biden salutes the ‘invisible man’

It’s not the first time Joe Bidenhas a slight slip, because in the middle of April, After giving a long speech at the University of North Carolina They communicated with what netizens called the “invisible man”, that is, no one.

video Joe Biden It was broadcast in many local media and circulated on various social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, where it quickly became a trend and caused many comments about the intriguing recording.

In those photos, as soon as the speech was over, the US president turned to his right to shake hands with someone who was supposed to be at his side; However, no one was there.

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