They seek to focus scientific efforts to solve complex problems of society – Commentary

They seek to focus scientific efforts to solve complex problems of society – Commentary

One of the central purposes of Academic meeting 2021, which was inaugurated by the President of the University Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz ZermenoIn addition to making researchers aware of the projects of their academic peers, it is also approximation of science who gives birth to Colima University For the social, governmental and productive sector, and above all for high school students to encourage them, as proposed by the new CONASETScientific, humanitarian and technical invitations.

He gave the interview at the end of the opening ceremony Dr. Martha Chavez GonzalezThe Director General of Academic Staff Development explained the above and said that with this meeting they also join the efforts of general coordination of teaching, scientific research and extension, because the idea is to create interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation between and among the institution’s scholars and with the community.

He commented on these purposes “in conjunction with the new approaches of the National Council for Science and Technology to disseminate knowledge and communicate it to society.”

He said the meeting was divided into three moments. On Monday and Tuesday mornings, the professor-researchers were able to learn more about the work of their colleagues, and in the afternoon, in a second, projects were presented to the social, governmental and productive sectors. The third moment takes place at the beginning of the next semester, in which the students are told colloquially what it is scientific reseach What kind of science is done in the university?

In the first moment there were 31 participations and in the second there were 34 participations; “Our idea is to break Forms and borders To bring researchers closer to outside bodies who don’t have a very clear idea of ​​how they are supported by UdeC,” he commented. Because in this House of Studies, he emphasized that “the science and projects that are being created are of the same quality as other similar projects in the country, what happens is that we don’t We reveal what we do as much as they do at UNAM, for example.”

Hence the importance of an academic meeting like the one that will be held this week, which will be the first of what is expected to be a long and fruitful tradition of work among scholars of different disciplines and strengths. Connecting to the community; “This is about getting close to each other and seeing how we can work together, because in addition to that, the current problems are so complex that they require different visions, and that is exactly what we are looking for in this project.”

In the case of the productive, governmental and social sectors, “We want to tell you what the university does and how it can be useful to you. There are projects that can even be applied or used by several cases, in order to ensure that Extension“.

He finally commented that the work that was beginning to emerge from this meeting and from similar efforts, “is of great importance, because if it is done well it can direct young people from high school into research. That is why it is important to connect with them, to start the obstetrics Humanitarian, scientific and technical professions In conjunction with what Conset proposes, and an attempt to inculcate in the student body spirit of inquiry“.

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