Invites the government to visit Zigzag to enter science and technology


Zacatecas. To guide careers toward professions of innovation and social transformation, which together with David Monreal’s government help bring well-being to the population, the Interactive Center for Science and Technology in Zacatecas Szyczak offers group tours of schools, in order to enter childhood, teens and young adults on the exact sciences.

The Zacatecano Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (Cozcyt), through Zigzag, offers group tours targeting all educational levels, with topics according to school grade, taught by Zigzag Guides, students trained as science communicators to provide honest, accurate, and up-to-date knowledge.

School tours seek to enhance human talent, so that they are the recipients of knowledge, share it, and generate social well-being in the society in which they live. For this reason, Cozcyt Directives Schools is calling for schools to go to the website to schedule stays of up to 100 students at a time, an activity that has been renewed as of November 12.

In just over two weeks, the curvy attended by about 200 students, in seven school groups (two primary and five higher levels), who approached Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), demonstrating the success of the strategy implemented by the Zacatecas State government in an effort to rebuild the fabric social entity.

The new administration offers school tours from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, provided that the guided tour is scheduled at least one week before its end date, for the purpose of preparing the logistics of care and compliance with health protocols in the face of the COVID pandemic -19.

The new Social Sense policy implemented by the Transformation Government, aimed at serving people with fewer resources, allows Zigzag to give free admission to the teaching profession responsible for students and to tolerate entry fees to groups of students from marginalized regions, upon request in advance in writing and approved by the Directorate General of Cozcyt.

For more information, administrators and teachers should contact phones 4929213228 and 4929253308, ext. 1500; Send an email to [email protected] and go to offices at Avenida de la Juventud 502, Colonia Barros Sierra, CP 98090, Zacatecas, Zac. Entrance fee for children is 30 pesos. 25, from students with credentials; 40, for adults; And free for teachers.

Governor David Monreal offers preschool and elementary school students the additional alternative of attending virtual slalom tours, which can also be ordered through the website, through which they will receive the corresponding answer to this and face-to-face.

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