They videotaped how he got into the emergency room of a hospital in Colombia

They videotaped how he got into the emergency room of a hospital in Colombia

In the video, the moments that prof a cow Caused out of control havoc in San Luis Park, Antioquia, North West ColombiaIn addition to the San Rafael Hospital.

Sgt. Hugo Alonso Sierna, the commander of the San Luis firefighters, who was also injured by the animal, said the accident happened around 7:30 pm on Saturday, February 13th.

“In the garden, everyone was calm. When suddenly a cow appeared, I first entered a bakery and ran into a woman, then ran over me, which made me fall from the motorcycle and then I knocked on a man, which made him fall to a few scales,” recounted the fire commander.

Next, Alonso Sierna, says, a cow He made his way to the hospital and entered the emergency room where he wreaked more havoc, leaving more wounded in his wake. Video showing how he repeatedly hits a woman; After a few minutes some people managed to get the cows out of there.

Abroad again a cow She returned to the park where she damaged many vehicles until she was finally caught by the community and taken to a corral.

The initial balance is the injury of at least six people, in addition to the material damage you left on the road.

“At this time we have no knowledge of the cow’s whereabouts, since the police went this morning, the animal is no longer there. It is believed that the owner is a butcher in the area, but we were unable to contact,” Sergeant Sirna said.

The premise is that this person was about to sacrifice the animal and that was when he managed to escape.


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