23-year-old woman with 11 children and she is 100; He wants the largest family in the world


Christina Ozturk He was born and lives in Moscow Georgia And with her Turkish husband Ghalip Ozturk, It is currently creating a file 11 childrenBut he’s hoping to get the scores through Rent bellies. The 23-year-old claims she wants the least 100 children.

It may not be just an expression of desire. The Ozturks family can do this, not only because of their reproductive drive, but because it is an entrepreneur who could invest a million figure in surrogacy.

“Now I have 11 children with the latest addition, Olivia, who arrived late last month. I myself gave birth to my eldest daughter, Vika, six years ago.” Christina told the English newspaper The Daily Star, “The rest of the children are our genes, my husband and I, but they were born.” In surrogate wombs.

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The Big family He lives in the coastal city of Batumi, Georgia, where it is legal to rent stomachs.

Although the couple has already announced on their social networks that they hope to raise more than 100 children (talked about 105), Cristina clarified: “I don’t know how many children we will have, but we certainly don’t plan for that. Stand up. We are not ready to talk about the final issue. Everything has its moment. “

If all goes well, she should have 12 children per year until the next seven close to her goal of 30.

Christina recounted that it was Single mother A girl who met Turkish-born businessman Ghalib.

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Additionally, he expressed that he made strict agreements with Surrogate mothers Of carrying their biological children.

“We do not know surrogate mothers personally and we do not have direct contact with them to avoid problems after pregnancy,” he said, although he admitted that he preferred to monitor women’s nutrition during the nine months.

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