A 12-year-old boy kills a thief who shot his grandmother in the US


In Goldsboro, North Carolina (USA), a 12-year-old boy was known to shoot two people breaking into his grandmother’s house, in the early hours of Saturday, February 13th.

Linda Ellis, the boy’s grandmother, appears to be 73 years old, and during the harassment, she is allegedly injured in the leg, Criminals They demanded that the money be delivered.

For this reason, according to the local police, the minor shot “in self-defense”.

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The suspects managed to escape, but the police tracked down the whereabouts of one of them: 19-year-old Khalil Herring.

It was the young thief Bullet woundSo he was transferred to Wayne UNC Healthcare, City Hospital.

However, he died there during his care.

As reported by WTVD, ABC television network, Randolph Boone, the boy’s older uncle, announced that the intruder “just shot his grandmother … he was also going to shoot (the minor), and he was also going to be killed.” They shot me. They shot me, that would have killed us all. “

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“The young thief was shot, so he was taken to Wayne UNC Healthcare City Hospital. However, he died there during treatment.”

There is still no information about the other partner, and it is not known which procedure the minor will take.

The investigation into the events continues.

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