Texas is frozen, this is how it looks from space


a Winter Storm Series “Without precedents” They have struck the United States since Monday, That left Texas frozen and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a video where you can see how it was all down nine and ice.

The NOAA revealed a satellite video using GeoColor technology It allows you to create images of what a Texas will look like frozen with human eyes from space.

A series of winter storms have hit the US since Monday, leaving Texas frozen and seen from space. Photo: NOAA

governor Texas Greg Abbott has issued a disaster declaration for the state and the National Weather Service (NWS) He warned that more than 150 million Americans would be succumb to the hours of the winter storm.

The NWS described the conditions as being “An area with dangerous, widespread and unprecedented winter weather.”, Which will set record low temperatures.

Abbott And he urged “all Texans to be vigilant in extremely severe weather.”

more than 2.6 million people lost their electricity supplyAccording to PowerOutage.US, temperatures in Houston have dropped to -9 ° C.

President Joe Biden issued an emergency declaration for Texas on Sunday, Through which federal aid is enabled for the state’s efforts.

The cold front came across Canada and got up In northern Mexico, about 400,000 people were without electricity on Monday.

The cold front came across Canada and even reached northern Mexico. Photo: Reuters

A large portion of the United States has been affected by cold temperatures for days, with about half of its citizens Now under a kind of winter weather alert.

The hail wave caused heavy snowfall and the ice storms caused Increased demand for electricity and power outages, especially in Texas.

Snow on the roads has caused many fatal accidents, including more than a hundred cars crashing in Texas last week, leaving at least six people dead.

At least six other states – Alabama, Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky and Mississippi – have declared weather-related emergencies, CNN reported.

Alabama, Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky and Mississippi have declared states of emergency. Photo: AFP

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