Thief sprays carry shoplifting repellent; poisoned more than 30

Thief sprays carry shoplifting repellent;  poisoned more than 30

Between 30 and 35 people were being treated by medical personnel on Saturday afternoon after a Thief I am using bear chaser for the purpose of Steal at Shop Of beauty in a well-known shopping center in Miami, local media reported this Saturday.

Assumption Thief, Who escaped in a taxi from the scene, sprayed strong mist bear chaser On the face of the person responsible for a Shop from the series Bath and body works, he told Doral Police, in County Miami County – Daddy, in South Florida.

More than 30 people needed treatment after inhalation Chase, while the person responsible for Shop He was taken to a nearby hospital after developing respiratory problems.

“We started coughing, actually, where we were and we weren’t even close to it.”Tell a customer who was at the time on NBC6 Shopping center. “We’re sorry. We can smell it. We can breathe it.”.

This is a unique story in Miami.Ray Valdes, a spokesman for Doral Police, said in comments compiled by the Miami Herald. “You can’t make up this.”.

The Mall of the Americas area where the damaged beauty store was located had to be evacuated.

According to Valdes, the security photos show the suspect holding a bag of candles in one hand, while holding a bag in the other bear chaser Several shopping center customers threatened with him.

With information from EFE

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