“Trixia proposes an increase in the budget allocated to mental health and emotional well-being”


Cancun. – Candidate Trixia Valle Herrera of Movimiento Ciudadano, spoke with supporters and through her social networks with specialists on the topic of emotions, saying:If you feel frequent tingling in your feet, your stomach turns and you always feel incomplete and with unresolved slopes, if it is difficult for you to focus on the present and not sleep when you must. You want to sleep when you shouldn’t. It is important to know that billions of people have been affected to a greater or lesser degree by the epidemic and that many of us feel this way. “

Since the pandemic has affected the emotions, the candidate proposes an increase in the budget for mental health and emotional well-being given that not only vaccination is sufficient but also to treat the hearts of all people affected by this pandemic. Thus, girls and boys took the meeting into their own hands and promised to take care of their interests and help them understand this situation better without school, without friends and without incentives, so that they could motivate them to pursue their dreams and fantasies.

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