Trump, cornered, sues Twitter and Facebook… – El Financiero

Trump, cornered, sues Twitter and Facebook… – El Financiero

MIAMI, FL – Braggart and enduring, like legendary boxer Jack LaMotta, Donald Trump holds up under a storm of judicial blows and fights back to avoid going to the canvas. That is, to prison.

Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberger has turned himself in to the New York Police Department to face 15 felony counts of his boss’ empire behind bars.

Fifteen years of Trump Corporations “criminal tax fraud”, “double counting”, “business record fraud”, “grand theft” and dozens of other crimes prosecuted since 2018 by Manhattan Attorney General Cyrus Vance Jr. In New York Laetitia Mosques.

They already have the CFO in prison. Follow it, though…

With his face disfigured by Sugar Ray Robinson’s penalty in the sixth fight between them, dumbfounded on both legs, with the Madison Square Garden crowd on the edge of the seats on the night of February 14, 1951, LaMotta continued to throw blows. Because he refused to get caught up in the “St. Valentine’s Massacre”, which was later transferred to the cinema in wild bull and other films (one with Robert De Niro).

This is Trump. Jack LaMotta did not fall.

His counterattack was astonishing: he sued Facebook, Twitter, and Alphabet (owner of Google and YouToube), for having banned the use of their platforms since he instigated the January 6 seizure of the Capitol.

He claims a noble cause: freedom of expression. But, as in everything he does, there is a problem.

When he was taken out of cyberspace, Trump boasted that he would create his own social network and rip his rivals Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai apart.

The “Beacon of Freedom,” as the unborn Trump network was called, was abandoned in holy peace 29 days after preliminary work began.

Now, with his financier in the hands of New York Justice, he declares the lawsuit protected by the First Amendment, which protects free speech.

It is impossible for him to win, because the defendant companies are private and have their own rules, but his slap brought the public’s attention to comments in the print and electronic media.

Most importantly, Trump has once again succeeded in distracting attention from the dangerous: tax fraud and the arrest of Allen Weisselberger.

Those tricks he learned from his mentor Roy Cohn, “the most ruthless, loyal, despicable, and brightest attorney in America,” as the magazine describes it. Respected, whose screen life was featured with Al Pacino, and his story on the HBO series.

Roy Koh advised Donald Trump, “When someone surrounds you, change the subject…When someone sues you, judge them…Don’t apologize, strike…”.

This is what a defeated American populist does. As he did from the presidency.

Comes in a great review on the series (Country(June 22, 2020), in 1975, the Trump Real Estate Company was sued for violating civil rights and discrimination laws, because it did not rent apartments to African Americans.

“Don’t defend yourself, attack,” Cohen told him.

Trump is suing the US Department of Defense for $100 million “for its ties to the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.”

Here’s what a former president who just nodded his head to the ropes did: He sued the big digital communications platforms, based on lies, with no prospect in this case, but it changed the conversation.

Trump as president was a compulsive liar and still is today. And distracted him from his shameful defeat of “sleeping” Biden, 78, with the lie of “fraud” that still resonates in this country today, leaving him divided, polarized, irritable and half a million killed by an epidemic he said he was. Not serious.

He has lied tens of thousands of times according to the media accounts, which he has attacked unceasingly.

Roy Cohen taught him to lie. Do not accept defeat.

And from him he learned that hesitation does not help in achieving his goals. “Don’t tell me which law is the problem. Tell me the name of the judge,” the lawyer, a Trump-like New Yorker who didn’t have a single estate or bank account in his name, told his clients

For just over a week, the man who lived out of nowhere’s finance chief has been jailed and will have to expose the Trump Organization’s tax fraud scheme.

After Jack LaMotta finished his boxing career, he switched to cinema (he participated in more than a dozen films) and came to live in Miami, where he opened a bar on Collins Street, near the beach. He died here between fame and problems with the law. Genius and shape.

Roy Cohen, an anti-Semitic, gay Jew, died while living: a lie. He said he had liver cancer, and had AIDS.

We still need to know the outcome of Donald Trump’s problems. but not too much.

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