Trump expects the US economy to collapse this year

Trump expects the US economy to collapse this year

Donald Trump

Washington – Former US President Donald Trump predicted the collapse of the US economy, and said that he expected this to happen this year.

“And when the collapse [económico]Trump said in an interview with conservative political commentator Lou Dobbs: “I hope it will be within the next 12 months, because I don’t want to be Herbert Hoover,” referring to the US president who started the Great Depression during his term.

In addition, he described the current state of the country's economy as “fragile,” stressing that the “only reason” for his action lies in what was done during his administration.

Moreover, the former president stated that the Green New Deal, promoted by the current Joe Biden administration, will “destroy” his country because it spends a lot of money on building infrastructure that is “not good, but environmental.” “And now all this is declining because it does not work economically,” he added, adding that energy prices have risen 20 times.

Trump also announced that if elected in the presidential election, he would sell “enormous amounts of oil and gas” to Europe, start paying down the public debt, which has already exceeded $34 trillion, and cut taxes.

At the end of last year, Trump warned that if he did not win the upcoming elections, the American economy would witness a financial collapse similar to the Great Depression.

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