Tyler Perry returns with Madea humor as an antidote to racism

Tyler Perry returns with Madea humor as an antidote to racism
This content was published on February 25, 2022 – 13:25

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Los Angeles (USA), February 25 (EFE). Tyler Perry, one of the best-known actors of African-American comedy, returns to the big screen with his acclaimed role in Madea with a Black Lives-eye film that delivers action and provides “necessary doses of humor” in the context of the pandemic.

At 52 years old, Perry (New Orleans, United States) has a long career as a film director, comedian, actor and comedian that has been widely immersed in the theater.

After the 2019 premiere of “A Madea Family Funeral,” he’s now back in the fray with what will be the twelfth movie starring Mrs. Madea: “A Madea Homecoming,” a Netflix production starting Friday on the platform.

Berry began playing Madea theatrically in 1999 and has continued to delight audiences as a character more than two decades later.

“A Madea Homecoming” repeats the traditional formula that gave it so many hits with a production full of gags and bits of acid humor, and at the same time, notable gestures in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I wanted to take it from a materialistic point of view, and not refer too much to the role of the police or something. I just wanted to make sure we paid attention to that,” Berry explained in an interview with Evie.

T-shirts in favor of this social movement and frequent jokes mocking any racist interpretation consistently appear in this film, written and directed by Perry himself.

In addition, the African-American filmmaker took into account the “difficult times” that people went through during the pandemic and the “necessary doses of humor” to confront them.

“People will have a chance to laugh; a lot has happened in the world, there has been a lot of anger, division and confinement … People will now be able to sit at home and watch the movie and have a good time,” the protagonist of “Homecoming Madea.”

Go ahead and bring out her great grandson

Madea returns this time with a plot as hilarious as it is surreal as the family prepares to celebrate their grandson’s graduation, but several secrets emerge that threaten to ruin what seemed like a happy reunion.

Perry admits he has “high expectations” for receiving this film that “despite having a new plot, he continues to maintain ‘what people love so much’: the core of Madea.

The Netflix production brought together all the stars of the franchise to make it happen.

Tamilla c. Man as Cora; David Mann plays Mr. Brown; o Cassi Davis Paton as Aunt Bam will be present in this version which will also feature the appearance of famous Irish actor Brendan O’Carroll and “Crossover” as Mrs. Agnes Brown.

Berry explained the importance of the film’s premiere on the popular streaming service. Stream.

Madea fans and audiences will decide the movie’s success, but Perry said he’s open to continuing the franchise if people like the outcome. EFE

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