Uganda to recruit troops for conflict in Mozambique

Uganda to recruit troops for conflict in Mozambique

KAMPALA, May 2 (Prensa Latina) Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni today hinted at the possibility of deploying a large Ugandan force and troops to deal with the rebellion in the disputed Cabo Delgado region of Mozambique.

In a joint press conference with his Mozambican counterpart Filipe Nyusi, Museveni said a larger regional force would be mobilized because East Africa could not afford a security problem near its borders.

He declared that if the security problem in Cabo Delgado is not resolved, we will have to mobilize more and even provide employment.

In this regard, he announced that Uganda will send an unspecified number of troops to the Mozambican city of Monbiose to protect the agriculture and wildlife projects that started in 2018 with the support of his government.

Uganda has been contributing military equipment since 2017 to support Mozambican forces fighting a rebel group in the northern part of the country, but Museveni is ready for more.

In this sense, he asserted that if the conflict was not resolved, he would have to deploy a large force there, as he had already done in the Congo.

A great force can have an effect. Articles for now, but work if needed. Said in large numbers, not symbolically.

For his part, Nyusi, who concluded an official visit to Kampala on Monday, thanked the Ugandan leader.

He said Uganda is already supporting Mozambique in a deep and logistical way, and their support is important.

The armed group Islamic State recently captured a large part of the territory of Cabo Delgado province, near the border with Tanzania.


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