Ugandan coach convicted of sexual assault; He will avoid prison


The coach is of Serbian origin Milutin Sredojevic, known asMeshoand the current determinant of UgandaOn Tuesday, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault in South Africa, the country in which he drove Orlando Pirates.

Justice in South Africa punished Sredojevic With three years in prison for each crime, but the Serb would not have to go to prison if he did not face another similar crime in the next five years.

The ruling, which is still subject to appeal, was handed down on Tuesday in a regional court in the South African town gqeberha (It was formerly called Port Elizabeth and is located in the southeast of the country.)

There, a 39-year-old woman denounced him for sexual harassment committed in a stadium during a sports tournament last December, while she was a coffee barista.

Through a statement, the South African Prosecutor’s Office It was revealed that the victim asked Sredojevic If she needs sugar with coffee, he says no, but she needs “another kind of sugar targeting her genitals.”

The worker complained to her boss, who warned the coach not to repeat it. But later, according to Prosecutor’s OfficeThe woman returned to bring coffee and “Sredojevic touched her buttocks.”

In August 2019, according to the South African press, he was a cleaner at a hotel in Johannesburg He had already accused him of sexual harassment.

Sredojevic, 52 years old, in EuropeHowever, his career was basically rigged against African clubs.

He highlights his time in the national teams of Rwanda, Zambia and Uganda.

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