UK avocado importer takes on Ocado

UK avocado importer takes on Ocado

Dr. Robert James Kalibala founded a food importing company called Orgacado Ltd in February 2018. The company specializes in growing and importing large thin-skinned organic avocados and other tropical fruits and vegetables from Africa to the UK.

According to Kalibala, the name of his company means “organic avocado” or “big avocado” in Uganda and has nothing to do with the company. delivery Ocado. “I came up with this name because the staple was avocado. In my hometown and in Nigeria, there’s a big thing called ‘ojaSo I decided to call it Oga Avocado, which means “big avocado” or “organic avocado”. So, I joined the two names to form Orgacado.”

Dr Kalibala registered his business with Companies House (the British Trade Register) and agricultural bodies such as the Soil Association, but he was initially unaware of his need to trademark his company’s name and logo, until he received letters from Ocado two years ago.

“They had written to me earlier to say, ‘Stop using our name, it’s our name,’ so he went to check if the name was theirs. When he went to the copyright website to register the name, it was still available.”

“Because they’re a big company trying to intimidate me; they’re just using big law firms to intimidate me into giving up our name, but Orgacado and Ocado are very different.”


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