UNAV volunteers take refuge in Uganda and seek funds to repair a school


Eleven volunteers from the University of Navarra, including eight students, a graduate, a doctoral student and an employee, Raising funds to renovate a school in Kashimbia, Uganda. This weekend they organized a file Competition paddle and one Virtual Solidarity Race With the aim of building a hall and a laboratory in this center. Through these new facilities, the school will be able to receive official permission The Uganda Certificate of Education Examination Centre, required to validate the validity of the fourth year of secondary school.

The tennis tournament will be held on June 12 and 13 In the university sports center and will cost 20 EUR for each participant. To register, you must contact 627 60 47 77 o al 616 68 39 44. Winners will receive one of these prizes: a visit for two to Bodegas Otazu, some balleteros or a meal at the Goiko Grill. Likewise, all who register will be entered into a drawing of Blue Banana sweatshirts and a box of creams and pads.

In addition, you can participate in the Virtual Solidarity Race from anywhere in the world. You just have to download the app”rock music in sportsPay the registration fee of five euros and run or walk 15 kilometers before August 9. The zero-row option is also offered for the event.

Travel June 20 to Uganda

The funds raised from the two events will be used to develop the project, whose main objective is to Building the hall and laboratory. In this way, more than 140 students between 16 and 21 years old Those who study at this center will be able to get High School certificate.

Volunteers met through TanakaUniversity Solidarity Time Bank. On June 30, they will travel to Uganda, where, in addition to collaborating at school, they will carry out care work in a hospital near ChambiaAs well as health prevention campaigns from various diseases. When they almost met the centers where they were going to cooperate UgandaThey saw the material needs that were there, and decided to organize fundraising activities.

The Participants On the project: Jorge Agustín Léautaud Grajales (first in philosophy, politics and economics), Jose Cristobal Barbes Santa Barbara (fourth in medicine), Juan Saez Lozano (fourth in medicine), Nayara Arteta Gutierrez (fourth in intellectual property medicine), Carmen Castillo Gonzalez (fourth in medicine). 4th year in IP Medicine), Sebastian Cruz Vilalta (second year in Biomedical Engineering), Ester Joffe (second year dual degree in Design Mechanics), Olia Mindeboro Fedoretta (third year in Chemistry), Maria Fernanda Zambrano Molina (staff at Tantaka), Beatriz Arce (PhD student in Chemistry) and Alvaro Pascual Rodriguez-Valera (Energy Engineering graduate).

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