Undisclosed accounts in the US: “The signing of the agreement is imminent, with effect in 2023.”

(CNN Radio Argentina) – Guillermo Butch, The tax officer, referred to on Monday at CNN Radio To the agreement that Argentina is seeking to sign with the United States to disclose the undisclosed accounts of Argentine taxpayers.

“The signing of the agreement is imminent so that it will take effect from 2023. Argentina has already concluded an agreement with the United States, and now it will automatically sign another agreement for the exchange of information. All information of those people who reside in Argentina will be passed on when you have an amount greater than $50,000 in US accounts.” At the end and end of Adrian Puente.

As Poch pointed out, Argentina is on track to sign a reciprocal IGA 1 agreement, So that the information arrives automatically. “The country of Argentina today receives information from other countries automatically. The United States is an important country because it is known that there is a lot of foreign currency that it holds.

“The United States is not a den where Argentines evade taxes, the United States gives you certainty in economic matters and clear rules. This is what automatically leads to the disappearance of investments and this is what you have to understand,” he said.

With this agreement, “Argentina should have a fiscal honesty rule to give people the possibility to take out currencies that they don’t declare and normalize their situation.”

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