United States: Arizona will remove the primitive wall on the border with Mexico

United States: Arizona will remove the primitive wall on the border with Mexico

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey You will remove an impromptu wall made of containers on the border with Mexico For the purpose of filing a lawsuit and political dispute with the United States Government over the invasion of federal lands.

The government of President Joe Biden and the Republican governor They come to an agreement that Arizona will stop installing containers in the national forests, according to court documents filed Wednesday in federal court in Phoenix.

Under the agreement, Arizona too It will remove containers that are already installed in the remote San Rafael Valley, in the southeastern province of Cochise, by January 4, without causing damage to natural resources. State agencies should consult with representatives of the US Forest Service.

The decision comes two weeks before Democrat Katie Hobbs, who opposes the construction, takes over as governor.

Federal government She filed a lawsuit last week against the Ducey government On behalf of the US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Department of Agriculture, and Forest Service.

before claiming, Ducey told federal officials that Arizona is willing to help remove the containers.. They were put in place as a temporary barrier, he said, but he wanted the federal government to determine when it would fill in the remaining gaps in the permanent border wall, as it announced a year ago.

Ducey wrote last week in response to news of the pending federal lawsuit that the federal government “owes it to Arizona and all Americans to publish a timeline.”

lying down work 3000 containers at a cost of $95 million A third is complete, but protesters concerned about its impact on the environment have delayed moves in recent days.

within, On Wednesday, restrictions for asylum seekers hoping to enter the United States ended Before conservative-leaning states sought help from the Supreme Court to keep them in effect.

Biden government He asked the court to lift Donald Trump-era restrictionsBut not before Christmas. It is not clear when the court will rule on this case.

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