United States: George Bush wrongly described the invasion he ordered in Iraq

Former US President George W Bush Slip described the invasion of Iraq as “brutal and unjustified.”to correct immediately, to acknowledge his loopholes and correct him by saying that he meant Ukraine.

He added that “the Russian elections are rigged and political opponents are imprisoned or prevented from participating in the electoral process, and the result is the absence of checks and balances in Russia, and The man’s decision to shoot The brutal and totally unjustified invasion of Iraq.”Bush said“I mean from Ukraine,” Bush corrected. Then it ends comically with “Iraq too.”

Bush’s remarks were recorded at a rally in Dallas in which the former president wanted to denounce the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but It ended by condemning the “brutal and unjustified invasion of Iraq.”who reinforced it.

The “brutal and unjustified” US invasion of Iraq

When Bush was president, In 2003 he ordered the United States to lead the invasion of Iraq, This is justified by the alleged search for weapons of mass destruction, which caused this Hundreds of thousands of people died, forcing many to move; however, Weapons were not found.

American too Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky compared to British politician Winston Churchill.



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