US and Mexico news Thursday, September 22, 2022

US and Mexico news Thursday, September 22, 2022

Folks, excellent Thursday. Here is a summary with newsletter more important than United State s Mexico.

US news

Prosecutor Leticia James accused Donald Trump and his children of fraud.

The Attorney General From New York Leticia James has unveiled the lawsuit accusing the former president of the United States of profiting from a major fraud. Donald Trumpthe company of his family and three of his sons, They lied For lenders and insurance companies for more than 10 years, increasing the value of its assets by billions of dollars.

Is $500,000 enough to comfortably live your retirement life?

In spite of inflation that is lived, at least 40 percent of Americans believe that this amount is sufficient for retirement in 2022. This figure was obtained through a survey conducted by Go Banking ratesFinance website.

Millions of dollars that would have been used to feed children during the pandemic have been revealed to have been stolen

Ministry of Justice From the United States files of charges against 47 people Allegedly committing fraud with government funds to feed children in need during the pandemic.

Those referred to are 6 groups Associated with the organization Feeding our futureHe will face charges for Conspiracy, fraud, money laundering and bribery.

News from Mexico

Blue lights in the sky during the 6.9-magnitude earthquake

population Mexico City I reported seeing blue and white lights in the sky during the early morning earthquake.

These lights are caused by existing geological faults, and these faults cause an electrical charge to be reflected in the sky. Rutgers Universityin the United States.

Graduating dogs to support natural disasters

More than 30 dogs graduated from A special training in Mexico, and now they will be able to help their owners in earthquakes and others Natural disasters. Graduates can dig a tunnel and travel distances of more than 35 meters to track down the trapped person.

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