US authorizes cleaning of border walls | Univision Immigration News


US Customs and Border Protection has received clearance to begin clearing construction sites and filling small gaps in the country’s southern border wall, nearly a year after President Joe Biden took office and ordered construction work to be suspended.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas said in a statement this week that wall construction projects have been initiated by the Department of Defense. In Border Patrol sectors in California, Arizona, and parts of Texas It will be handed over to your agency so any safety and environmental concerns can be addressed.

the work Including the installation of sewage systems To prevent flooding, combat erosion, stabilize slopes, construct and improve access roads, and remove building materials that will no longer be used.

Work on unfinished gates of the wall

At the moment, it is not clear when the cleaning and remediation work will begin.

CBP will also close open spaces left from old construction and complete work on unfinished gates, including those used for non-functioning stormwater drains. It must be opened during the rainy season.

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