US Cities Where You Can Live On Less Than $1500 A Month

US Cities Where You Can Live On Less Than $1500 A Month

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a city to live in is the economy. Although there are some people whose purchasing power is higher and do not take into account the prices of choosing a place, there are others who have to adapt to their financial means. study GoBankingRates She revealed the cities in the US where you can live on less than $1,500 per month.

Search cited Univisionnotes that This is how much money an American retiree getsMany people find it necessary to look for other alternatives when money has an unbreakable budget, or when they simply want to settle down somewhere cheaper.

1. Odessa, Texas

Odessa in the first place for being the cheapest. Monthly cost of living $1,385.63. Plus the fact that the atmosphere is usually very relaxed in the traditional Texan style. There are also various tourist attractions that residents can access, such as The Historic White-Pool House.

Odessa, TexasPixabay

2. Fort Wayne, Indiana

In second place is Fort Wayne, with a cost of living of 1,397.29 per month. There are records that indicate that it is a very quiet and familiar place, ideal for low cost living. As for the activities that can be done, in that city there are many tastes and for all tastes.

Fort Wayne
Fort Wayneunplash

3. St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Anyone can live here for $1404.64 a month. It is a very small and comfortable area. Although many consider it a bit far from the capital, for others it is the ideal place. Namely, it has its own attractions, some of the most interesting in relation to nature, such as: Lake George and Clemens Gardens.

Illustrative photo of Minnesota
Illustrative photo of Minnesotaunplash

4. Lake Charles, Louisiana

A little further up around $1,500 is Lake Charles, whose cost of living is $1,446.59. It is located between Houston and New Orleans and is still unknown to many Americans. It is also a small town, so the opportunities for entrepreneurship and local trade are great.

5. Luton, Okla.

With a cost of living of $1483.75, Luton promises to be a home for all nature lovers. Lawton is the county seat of Comanche County, and is home to places like the Great Plains Museum, the Holy City, Medicine Park Aquarium and the Natural Science Center.

Illustrative photo of Oklahoma
Illustrative photo of Oklahomaunplash

6. Lansing, Michigan.

Finally, there’s Lansing, a city where you can live comfortably per month (according to the study) for $1,485.48. It is the capital of Michigan, so dozens of students come to complete their academic phase and it is known for precisely that. It’s a city full of historic places and many attractions: Among them are the RE Olds Transportation Museum and Rogers-Carrier House. Another popular tour is the treasure hunt.

Lansing, Michigan.
Lansing, Michigan.unplash


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