US Senate takes another step towards vote on Biden’s infrastructure plan

US Senate takes another step towards vote on Biden’s infrastructure plan

US President Joe Biden.

The US Senate on Saturday approved a move toward a vote on President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan, a measure that paves the way for this important project.

By 67 votes to 27, Senators agreed to restrict discussion of this initiative, which could pave the way for a possible approval, although a final vote has yet to be set.

The Senate met today for the second weekend in a row to debate before the August recess, This plan aims to invest nearly $1 trillion over the next eight years to rebuild the country’s bridges, railways, ports and airports.According to EFE.

Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, opened the day by warning them that they would stay in session until they had finished their work and noting that they could do it “the easy way or the hard way”.

However, the leader of the Republican minority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, – and one of those who promoted the bill before the vote admitted that there were “several amendments pending” that would improve the legislation.

Voted after that A week of deliberations on the individual amendments introduced by the various Senators After an agreement was reached last Sunday on the Final text, 2,700 pages.

USA President , Joe Biden, went to his Twitter account to Defending the bipartisan infrastructure deal as a ‘historic investment’.

Biden stressed that this project, along with his “Build Back Better” planCreate an average of “2 million high-paying jobs each year over the next decade”.

“We can’t afford not to do that,” he added.

In March, Biden proposed a $2.3 trillion investment, but the White House had to cut it before Republicans criticized.

Referring to the plan of his successor, the former president Donald Trump He considered it a “disgrace” and warned representatives of his Republican party that “it would be very difficult for him to endorse someone foolish enough to vote for this deal.”

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