US Smash: “Free Guy” Makes Over $28 Million After Theatrical Release

US Smash: “Free Guy” Makes Over  Million After Theatrical Release

lately The movie was released Science Fiction “free man” -championship Ryan Reynolds and output Shawn Levy– Exceeded expectations ticket office In the North American country, after Cinemas reopening: managed to raise 28,400,000 USD dollars, close to 22 billion Chilean Peso.

As reported by the media The Hollywood Reporter, comp Disney and 2century 0 They expected it after opening, in that country I won’t get any more than 20 million dollars in that country.

With $22.5 million Collected internationally in ticket sales globally, Profits will rise to me $51,000,000 in total.

from here, Disney Officially request that the movie I continue, Both Ryan Reynoldsstressed q in his account From Twitter.

The movie revolves around the story bankingguy, with interpretation Reynolds– from although there is a file flat monotonous life As a banker, continue doing his job.

However, at some point will realize from him She is a video game character That it is not enabled, and that the world it inhabits is not Exactly the reality, as I originally thought. And so the person insists on it Be the hero of your own story.

levy Also known for directing the series “Weird things” , While in addition to sharing a translator “List of the dead”Actors join Jodi ComerAnd Taika Watiti NS Joe Kerry.

At the same time ChileAnd “free man” Now available for viewing in theaters From August 12.

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