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Do you watch series and movies? Netflix? Through it you can watch content like Betty, the ugly; Elite money heist, among other genres like Forest Gump and even “The Kissing Stand”.

in a Netflix You can not only access the categories on the main screen of the application, but also, through icons, you can enter the most hidden section of the streaming platform.

But now many want to improve or practice a particular language, such as English. That is why we will now teach you how to modify the language of the application either from your cell phone or from your computer or computer.

It’s very simple and you don’t need a third party app that can affect your account Netflix And so that it not only steals your password, but also your personal information.

How to change the language of NETFLIX

If you want to have Netflix In English, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese or non-Spanish languages, these are all the steps you should follow:

  • The first thing will be to enter From Google Chrome either on your computer or on your smartphone.
  • Now you must log in by entering your username and password.
  • When you do that, click on your profile picture.
Learn how to change the language on Netflix. (Photo: Netflix)
  • Then you have to log in “invoice”.
  • Scroll down and select the profile where you want to make the change.
  • There you will see a drop down menu and click “Language. Like”
  • There choose the language you want and that’s it. It will change everything to the language you want.

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