#Video A man jumps from a bridge into a river in Florida to escape from the police

A man jumps from a bridge into a river in Florida. screenshot

A man jumped from a bridge into a river in Florida to escape police after stealing a truck, only to be rescued and taken into custody.

a man in a hurry stolen truck He starred in a scene worthy of the movie that ended with him jump from pointy Its height is about 17 meters, when it was pursued by police cars in the southwest Florida.

Despite his amazing jump recorded by a police helicopter camera, Brian Gray, 34 years old, from water Kalusahachie River by police and kept in a cell, although before he passed through the hospital, local media reported.

Helicopter cam video shows Gray’s car speeding through Edison Bridge And even hit the security barrier until it stopped and a person was seen going to the barrier, crossing it and jumping into the river while several police cars appeared at the scene.

according to release From the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, Gray’s truck theft was reported.

When the police saw her wandering, they began a chase that ended with that set of bridges over the Caloosahatchee River.

The Fort Myers City Police Department helped arrest the now detainee in river water.

In a statement, the mayor’s office joked about the gold medal Gray could have earned at a tournament. Clavidistas If it doesn’t, it’s because they should be held accountable for stealing the car.

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