We have a weakness somewhere in the world; Science explains

We have a weakness somewhere in the world;  Science explains

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Have you heard about double phenomenon? Well, science has already confirmed that yes or yes, there is someone on a part of the planet matches us.

A study was recently conducted on genetic sequence Where it turns out that most people We share physical traits with another personRegardless of our family.

This search is led by Manuel EstelerAnd the Spanish physician and director of the Epigenetics and Cancer Biology Program at American College Blevage Institute for Biomedical Research, analyze double phenomenon Or also known as The doppelgänger phenomenon.

How did the study come about?

What was done was to bring together people who had an amazing physical resemblance To study your DNA, personal file Jenny so is Microbial composition.

In addition, height and weight were taken into account and aspects of their behavior were studied; Through a questionnaire, they were asked if they used tobacco or any other aspect revealed resemblance in personality.

“The similarity between these pairs was not only limited to facial characteristics, but in addition to influencing others such as height and weight, it also extended to certain personality traits and behaviors.”

The result was that They have shared different forms of their DNA, Above all, with regard to the genes associated with the formation of facial features.

“As humans currently number 7.9 billion, and are more interconnected, it is becoming more and more likely that these duplicates will occur and be known about,” Maniel Esteller confirmed.

individual human identity It is also related to properties. biological and the environment. In this sense, the way we get to know ourselves often depends on the beginning Our unique facethere is a file advanced brain code To distinguish facial identities.

The article was published in cell reports under name: Similar humans identified by facial recognition algorithms show genetic similarities.

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