“We still don’t know his behavior.”


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Chairman of the Andalusian Military Council, Juanma Moreno’s photoThey alerted this Tuesday to a new strain of Coronavirus with a presence in the community, they will be “aware of it” in case it is more aggressive in terms of the level of infection. “He is still without a name and we do not know his behavior“.

This is what Moreno referred to in reporters’ questions after visiting the Basilica de la Macarena in Seville. Five subspecies already coexist in society, and this would be a sixth The British “are very clearly the dominant ones”. He explained that “the virus is mutating and there are new strains.” Reality.

As the Minister of Health and Family noted, Jesus AguirreAt the board meeting that took place this Tuesday, he reported the location of this new alternative and indicated it They will be “very aware” of the extent of their aggression.

In addition to the indigenous and British breed, there is That of Ghana, South Africa, and Uganda, which was around two weeks ago, and the latter.

Moreno stressed, “Experts tell us that it is very normal for strains to mutate. They also tell us that vaccines can be easily reprogrammed within a month or two to deal with new strains.”

Although he cautioned that “more aggressive breeds can come and they can.” Take into account a large part of the proposals we made in Andalusia“.

The fourth wave

As for the fourth wave, the Andalusian prime minister warned that “Let’s go“For her, because the infection is gradually accelerating and this will lead to an increase in hospitals, as happened today in Andalusia, and admissions and deaths in the intensive care unit. This day the number of patients has been exceeded again.”

“You have to assess whether the fourth wave will happen similar to the third wave after Christmas In Andalusia it was the most primitive, complex and difficultHe pointed to the unprecedented high death and hospitalization rates in the first and second waves.

However, Moreno noted that with the measures adopted and the vaccination of 1.4 million people – half a million already vaccinated – this fourth wave could have less impact than the third. “This is what we hope and want and what the experts tell us,” he said.

the responsibility

Faced with this situation, he insisted on asking citizens to take responsibility “to avoid unnecessary risks.” “We are gone Eight to ten weeks is complicated until the vaccine exceeds 50% of the population And we can go back to a certain normal condition. “We only have two months left to be patient and prudent,” he added.

Finally, the health passport is a “step forward” for mobility and explained that for three months the council has a QR code on the phone to identify those who have been vaccinated. “It is a positive thing because it will allow, with certainty, the free movement of people in Europe and revitalize the economy,” he concluded.

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