“We will win by hook or by crook,” Maduro warns of presidential elections scheduled for 2024.

“We will win by hook or by crook,” Maduro warns of presidential elections scheduled for 2024.

Caracas– Venezuelan President, Nicolas MaduroHe predicted they would win Presidential elections 2024 “By hook or by crook,” amid a massive celebration commemorating the failed coup attempt he carried out Hugo Chavez in 1992, and then worked his way to power years later.

The large gathering called by his followers at the Miraflores Palace to celebrate was the setting that the governor took advantage of to warn the rival that “the team wins and we will win by hook or by crook.”

Without specifying the mechanisms he referred to in his statement, Maduro said: “It has been said, I will not say more.”

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The President pointed out that among the 30 elections conducted during the period Chavez government And their own system, on 28 they won.

“No matter what they give us, we always come out to win,” he said after alluding to his main opponents one by one.

Maduro confirmed that elections would be held in 2024, ruling out their suspension.

Jorge Rodriguez, head of the legislative authority who leads dialogues with the opposition, had previously ratified from the podium the invitation addressed to the various political and social actors so that, starting from Monday and for a period of three days, they would prepare a proposal for… Electoral calendar.

Hugo Chavez ruled Venezuela from 1999 to 2013, the year he died.

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This event came more than a week after the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice – close to the regime – confirmed that Maria Corina Machado was banned from participating in the elections, due to her being banned from holding public office for 15 years. It was imposed in 2015. Machado won the opposition primaries with more than 90% of the votes and is the most likely candidate to face Maduro at the ballot box.

The court's decision sparked a series of international condemnations and led to the cancellation of some relief measures granted by the United States to Venezuelan gold operations. These relief measures were part of the ratification of an agreement between the Maduro regime and the opposition to hold transparent and open elections.

The main opposition platform to the Maduro government denounced the violation of the agreement signed in Barbados in October 2023, under which the possibility of holding neutral elections in Venezuela was called into question, even by bodies such as the Organization of American States.

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