Free of charge and without the need to prove ownership

Free of charge and without the need to prove ownership

Sometimes government procedures take longer than you expect. In addition, you have to make multiple payments, go through filters, update documents, and meet a series of requirements that generally makes the process long and tedious.

he Body for the formalization of informal ownership (Cofopri) Launched a new free campaign called “A plot of land has been registered with the required address.” To register title deeds. Proof of possession is not required, but it is necessary to prove the applicant's direct, peaceful, continuous and general possession of the plot of land for at least one year.

What documents are necessary to process the property title deed?

Alberto Rafael SanabriaThe Deputy Director of Registration of the Directorate of Individual Formalization of Cofopri explained that once the date on which the agency authorities will visit homes is informed, it is necessary to come and obtain a series of documents and requirements:

– Official ID.

– Water, electricity, telephone, and tax payment receipts or other receipts that prove ownership of the home.

– Purchase and sale contract, public deed, proof of possession, or other document proving ownership of the land.

– It should not be located in areas with risks that cannot be mitigated.

– There is no ongoing judicial process

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