What countries have sustainable food systems?


the sustainable food systems we realize that The ingredients we put in our dishes are related to the environment, economy, nutrition and food safety. Therefore, the pursuit of sustainable diet guarantees Safety s feed for present and future generations. To measure the world’s progress towards this goal, Economic effect s Barilla Foundation for Nutrition and Food they posted Fourth edition of the Food Sustainability Index. We tell you the most relevant details of this interesting study! Photos: Unsplash.

What are sustainable diets?

the index From food sustainability From 2022 (Internal Security Forces , for its acronym in English) from Case Analysis 78 countries, where does he live 92% of the world’s population. To obtain it, the researchers created three pillars with caliber 38 even 95 sub-indicators. In their souls, they dissolved from the ability A sustainable and balanced diet until the existence of public funding and research institutions for agricultural innovation.

Why measure food sustainability?

Sustainable diets are linked to Human Development In different ways. for example, Food sustainability is difficult to achieve when there is little gender equality. besides health education And cooperation are the factors that Contribute to their existence. Hence, the researchers decided to identify three general categories: Loss and waste from sustainable food, agriculture and nutrition challenges.

Countries that got The best results in all categories were: Sweden, Japan, Canada, Finland s Austria. In all of them, their policies and regulations help improve the diets of their residents

food waste

And in the case of Mexico?

Mexico was also evaluated and the category in which it stands out is nutritional challenges, Well in our country It’s easy to follow a balanced, sustainable diet. Italia s Canada, Together with 20 other countries, they are leaders in terms of Set clear goals to reduce food waste. In addition, it also motivates companies to combat this global problem.

On the other side, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda s Ivory Coast I got the best score in the index sustainable agriculture. These countries have water conservation regulationsAnd Reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizersAnd combating climate change and encourage investment in sustainable agriculture.

Many African countries are leaders in sustainable agriculture

Thus, the efforts to create Sustainable diets are becoming popular all over the world. Some examples are plant-based alternative products for meat, that are supposed to be born Carbon emissions are lower. For their part, many restaurants and chefs choose local products, And Even apps like ChefAnd Which helps reduce food waste in the food business, it contributes grains of sand.

What do you think of this interesting study? Undoubtedly, there are still many actions we can take. help the planet Without sacrificing our gastronomic experience.

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