What does Argentina want Uganda to become?

What does Argentina want Uganda to become?

National MP was angered when Jonathan Viale questioned the 30% bonus increase for National legislators. He added: “I refuse to talk about this issue.”

National MP This Wednesday, Miguel Ángel Pichito had a tense confrontation with journalist Jonathan Vialli due to increase 30% of national legislators’ bonuses ordered by the Presidents of the Senate, Victoria Villarroelthe House of Representatives, Martin MenemThis was strongly criticized by the journalist when he compared it to the salary delays suffered by retirees, for example.

“Is it okay for them to get a 30% raise and not retirees?”Viale asked him immediately after opening the interview with the lawmaker. “What do you want Argentina to become of Uganda?”Pichito responded, clearly annoyed. “Does this salary suit you?” Viale asked. “Do you think Congress is very bad? Congress has shown great respect for the character of the President. There was no screaming or aggression. “We have listened to the grievances,” Pichito responded.

We have just introduced a pension reform initiative. The MP received 1,500,000. truly? Do you really want to talk about this topic? “But please, yes. But please,” explained Pichetto, who was Mauricio Macri's vice-presidential candidate in the 2019 national elections. She makes noise for people, Miguel, how could she not? Don't you realize? you are smartViale insisted on the “Do You See It?” show he hosts on TN.

I refuse to talk about this topic. Representative (José Luis) Esbert sent you what he accuses him of. “It's 2,200,000 pesos,” the national representative stood up. “Is this good?” Viale asked him. “This is reasonable in terms of institutional public responsibility,” he stressed. “Do you know what would be good in Argentina and care so much about it? He sees How much do the director of AFIP, at Banco Nación, earn, how much do the primary judge, and the chambermaid earn?“Pichitto noted.

“How much do they charge?”Viale asked. “I won't talk because I'm not a button.”“I don't like it, I don't like this,” the deputy replied. You brought me here and there are a lot of important issues in the country. And You get angry, and well, you have a right to be angry.Pichito explained. The interview continued through its regular channels, although the studio atmosphere was cut with a knife. There was peace, but it was tense.

Increase in national legislators

The Presidents of both Chambers of the National Congress, Victoria Villarroel and Martin Menem, Increase the diet of the 329 legislators who make up the representation of the national legislature. This measure represents a change in the adaptation plan drawn up by the national government. It remains above average for joint ventures through the first two months of the year.

Menem, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and his counterpart in the Senate, Villarroel, signed the agreement Equality among workers of the National Congress It was proven that the cumulative increase in salary for the first two months of the year was 16% as of January 1, 2024 and 12% as of February 1.

Image – 2024-03-07T093154.408.jpg

The decision taken on February 23 stipulated that the increase was for employees of the Legislative Palace, but… He did not mention representatives and senators That, historically, They linked their diet to those negotiations. Since they were not specified in the parity, they should have been excluded from the amendment.

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Beyond process Rationalization and reductions launched by the La Libertad Avanz administrationA, The salary receipts of members of the House of Representatives have shown an increase since then In January, they received $1,567,000 and in February, $1,984,000..

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