What topics will be discussed at the meeting? – Finance

What topics will be discussed at the meeting?  – Finance

The top of the americassaid Rebecca Bell Chavez, president and CEO of The Dialogue, a laboratory of ideas and research.

“For Mexico Economic integration issues are important, economic recovery, Mexico also comes with issues such as the near delay, due to the economic relationship with the United States; “But Mexico is also key in any discussion on immigration, so it is hoped that any productive conversation will include Mexican participation,” he said at a conference prior to the event.

Santiago Canton said that after the recent meetings of the US and Mexico governments for a high-level economic dialogue, where they agreed to improve the business environment, at this summit, Mexico could seek more global agreements of scope for the entire region. Rule of Law Program Director, Peter D. Bill.

“What could be an achievement for Mexico from this meeting are global issues for the region, such as migration, energy and global warming, these issues are important for Mexico with a regional vision,” the expert said.

The event has participated in various discussions such as guest list The energy transition, said Nate Graham, director of the Energy, Climate Change and Extractive Industries Program at The Dialogue.

“Unfortunately in the past two years, America has been very divided between the leaders of Chile, Brazil and Mexico,” and he hoped agreements could be reached in this regard.

Summit of the Americas: What is it and why is it important?

The peaks of the americas collect the heads of state Based on Government From the member states of Americas to discuss issues Policy joint, affirmation Shared values and a commitment to take coordinated action at the national and regional levels in order to meet the current and future challenges facing the countries of the hemisphere.

In this event, in theory, the leaders 35 independent American states.

The Biden administration made the final decision not to invite Governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to a regional summit this week, defying Mexico’s president’s calls to list all countries or risk staying at home.

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