What will be the new economic situation? Uneven distribution of vaccines and variance in recovery between countries بين


The The number of vaccines applied globally exceeded 3 billion doses. The number seems high but it is not the most shocking number. The vaccination rate is greatly accelerated. The application of the first 500 million doses took approximately 110 days, while the last 500 million doses were applied in less than 15 days. The data comes from the survey of the “Our World in Data” platform of the University of Oxford, England.

The information can be read in duplex format. For some it can evoke optimism and for others it reinforce skepticism. Data details appear stark تظهر Equity issues and distribution failures my world.

Evidence of this can be seen in Figures from African countries. More than 1.3 billion people live in that region, but only 55 million doses are applied. In European countries such as France, more vaccines have been applied than in the entire African territory.

The situation hardly provokes the sting and reinforces the feeling of injustice. Many would consider it naive to think of a different scenario because rich countries outsmart the rest. But the level of inequality is obscene.

More than half the population of Western powers has now been vaccinated and with it the health crisis appears to be coming to an end. These economies are confident that the new strains will not alter epidemic control and have begun to do so Focus your attention on coordinating the new normal. At this point, Scottish philosopher and economist David Hume might say it is reasonable to assume that there will be no health emergencies as there is to be believed to exist.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, is one of the people most interested in showing that the difficulties of the coronavirus are over and that the economy is regaining its post-pandemic luster.

Last week he quoted Ronald Reagan to emphasize his recovery data. He said the last time he said US economy It grew at the current rate in 1984 and said that just as at that time in the United States “the sun is shining”.

However, in the next few years Beyond Biden’s speech, the outlook for this economy does not look very clear. In the first place, it would have an extraordinary challenge ahead on the external front if it were to maintain its position as a premier power. More and more economists see this position being reserved for China for decades to come.

At the same time, it will face important internal challenges with problems that seem to be repeated in other developed countries. Nouriel Roubini is considered one of the most important analysts regarding the future of the US economy, as he stated that the US is waiting for a mixture of debt crisis with recession and inflation.

He emphasized that the question about this event is not whether it will happen, but when that new crisis will be in it They will combine the financial difficulties of 2008 with the problems of the stagflationary economy of the 1970s.

In post-pandemic concerns, not only macroeconomic elements appear, but also بل Changes in the behavior of society This, for now, raises more questions than certainty.

weekly The Economist In her latest edition, she has dedicated herself to shopping between different countries to see how similar life today is to what life was like in the pre-pandemic period. I’ve done this through a bunch of indexes. The conclusion was that An indication of the normal situation in economies such as the United States – With a high rate of vaccination – lower than previous records of the epidemic. But this does not happen for health reasons, but because The new normal begins to show that it will be completely different Compared to those that existed before Covid-19.

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