Who Can Participate in the 2024 US Visa Lottery | international | News

Who Can Participate in the 2024 US Visa Lottery |  international |  News

The US State Department began receiving From Wednesday October 5, applications for visa lottery Lawful permanent residence, or green card (Green Card), a process known as the visa lottery. Applications for fiscal year 2024. However, not everyone can apply.

On this occasion, 55,000 permanent legal residences will be drawn. The application is free and can be done on the website of United States Department of State.

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In the 2024 lottery, countries that have sent more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the past five years were disqualified from the contest, says the State Department’s Office of Consular Affairs (DOS), which runs the program.

if heThe list of countries whose citizens are not eligible is as follows: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Canada, China (including Hong Kong), South Korea, the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the United Kingdom (including Ireland), and Viet Nam.

Online applications will be received from noon on October 5 until noon on November 8.

The US government has indicated that the visa lottery is only open to people from countries that meet certain requirements. The application to participate in the 2024 visa lottery must be filled out Einglish. Applications close at noon on November 8.

Those shortlisted for the 2024 visa lottery draw will be notified by mail between May and July 2023. (YO)

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