Who Is Dove Cameron Dating In 2023-2024? Know About Her Partner!


Dove Cameron has become a household name, with her face recognizable in many homes due to her stellar performances in various television shows and films. Despite her youth, being in her mid-20s, Dove has received numerous accolades for her work, including a coveted Daytime Emmy Award. Apart from her acting career, 2022 saw her blossoming into a recognized singer with the release of her single “Boyfriend,” which even earned her an MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist. But as we dive deeper into her journey and personal life, the burning question remains, Who is Dove Cameron dating in 2023? Let’s embark on this journey to learn more about her current partner and romantic history.

Dove Cameron’s Early Career

Born on January 15, 1996, in Seattle, Washington, Dove Cameron embarked on her journey into the world of entertainment at a young age. In 2007, she began her acting career playing Young Cosette at the Bainbridge Performing Arts. This stage experience paved the way for her remarkable journey in the industry, soon landing her dual roles in the Disney comedy series “Bits & Pieces” in 2012, eventually evolving into “Liv and Maddie,” garnering high viewership in a short span of 2.5 years.

Dove’s early life was marked by a strong determination to succeed in the entertainment industry, despite facing bullying throughout her school years. This passion was fuelled and nurtured from as early as eight years old when she began acting in community theater. Her journey wasn’t without personal tragedy, as she lost her father in 2011, subsequently changing her name to Dove, a nickname given by her father. Today, she continues to ascend in her career, marking her presence in the industry with a steadfast spirit and diverse talents.

Dove Cameron’s Music Career

Dove’s talent isn’t confined to acting alone. She ventured into the music industry, releasing a cover of Imagine Dragons’ “On Top of the World” in 2013. This cover managed to secure the 17th spot on the Billboard Kid Digital Songs chart, hinting at the budding music star’s promising future. Fast forward to 2022, she released the hit single “Boyfriend,” establishing herself as a formidable presence in the music industry, even bagging the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist then getting a lot of sponsors and offers of publicity.

Dove Cameron’s Personal Life

Besides her flourishing career, Dove has always maintained a sense of transparency about her personal life. She openly embraced her queer identity, sharing her self-discovery journey with her fans, which was documented in an intimate interview with Gay Times.

Dove Cameron’s Relationships Relationship with Ryan McCartan

Dove’s first significant relationship was with Ryan McCartan, her co-star from “Liv and Maddie.” The two dated for four years, sharing a deep connection that blossomed both on and off the screen. They even formed a musical duo named The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, releasing several songs together. Despite the picture-perfect love story, their engagement in 2016 came to a sad end, with the couple parting ways amidst speculations and rumors. After that Dove Cameron just got into gambling at 1xBet casino games live and forgot about the past relationship, she had good results and won awards in Masters poker tournaments. 

Breakup and Aftermath

Post their split, there were exchanges of harsh words and criticisms, but with time, the bitterness seemed to mellow down. In an interview in April 2019, Dove reflected on their relationship, appreciating the experiences and lessons it brought into her life.

Connection with Kiersey Clemons

Following her split with Ryan, Dove was seen getting close to Kiersey Clemons. The two were often spotted holding hands and sharing affectionate moments on social media, sparking rumors about a possible romantic connection. Though never confirmed, their close bond certainly caught the public eye.

Current Relationship Status with Thomas Doherty Initial Friendship

After her stint with Ryan, Dove found comfort and friendship in Thomas Doherty, her co-star from the “Descendants” series. Their friendship blossomed during the filming of Descendants 2, laying a foundation for a deeper connection.

Evolution into a Relationship

By 2023, Dove and Thomas decided to take their friendship to the next level, officially becoming a couple. They share not just a love for acting but also a similar age, both being 27 years old. Interestingly, their zodiac signs, Capricorn (Dove) and Taurus (Thomas), are known to be quite compatible, promising a harmonious relationship. And this wonderful couple was introduced to Lolo Wood by a famous showbiz star who is Lolo Wood you can find out here.

Who is Thomas Doherty?

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on April 21, 1995, Thomas Doherty is more than just Dove Cameron’s boyfriend. He’s an accomplished actor and singer, well-recognized for his roles in the “Descendants” series and the British television series “The Lodge.” Apart from acting, Thomas has also ventured into music, establishing himself as a solo artist and earning several accolades, including the Emerging Star Award at the 2017 Scottish BAFTA Awards.


Dove Cameron, the sparkling jewel of the American entertainment industry, has had a journey marked by impressive career milestones and personal growth. In her mid-20s, she has not only established herself as a formidable actress and singer but also as a person who navigates her personal life with grace and openness.

Currently, Dove Cameron finds love and companionship in Thomas Doherty, an equally talented actor and singer hailing from Scotland. Their relationship, rooted in friendship and mutual respect, promises a beautiful union that fans look forward to witnessing in the coming years. As we keep an eye on their journey, we can only wish them happiness and love in their blooming relationship.


Who is Dove Cameron dating in 2023?

As of 2023, Dove Cameron is dating Thomas Doherty.

How did Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty meet?

They met on the set of the “Descendants” series where they co-starred.

What was the name of the band Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan formed?

The band was named The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.

Has Dove Cameron won any awards for her music career?

Yes, she won the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 2022.

What is Dove Cameron’s latest music release?

In 2022, she released her single titled “Boyfriend.”

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