Why choose a specialty in Neurology?

Why choose a specialty in Neurology?

Deborah Sirdan is a member of the SEN Young Neurologists District.

The Ministry of Health has already published the final results of Allocate MIR places. Neuroscience made 142 places Who would have to Next submission May 26. in this context, Deborah CerdanMember of the Young Neurologists Region of the Spanish Society of Neurology (It), Explains why medical graduates should choose their major.

For the main Cerdán Specialization challenge What the population will face is “mastery of biology and neurological examination in order to achieve the best diagnostic guidance and treatment approach to patients”.

“In nearly all branches of medicine, the main tools for reaching a diagnosis are History and physical examination of the patientThese are especially important in neurology, “he explains

With respect to the main Advantages of specializationThe neurologist highlights training in various techniques once the residency ends. “One can go on MinorIf you like, he explains. Serdan also highlights what residents of Spanish hospitals will find. High scientific, health care and research quality.

Neuroscience Research

On this last point, the specialist indicates that the investigation will depend on the hospital chosen. “It can be combined with Clinical care activity. In addition, I consider it very important, through the various medical services, that this is encouraged and the enthusiasm for research is transmitted, “he adds.

In view of Conflict situations To which R1s will be exposed, Cerdan suggests, “It is important to surround yourself with a sensitive human team and never lose their enthusiasm, whether to obtain the most complete training possible or to provide the best patient care,” he concludes.

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