Why did Maluma receive the 2023 Impact Award from the Play for Change Foundation?

Why did Maluma receive the 2023 Impact Award from the Play for Change Foundation?

Colombian singer Maluma received the 2023 Impact Award for the work of his El Arte de los Sueños Foundation at a gala in Miami that raised $2 million for underprivileged children through music.

The Charitable Impact Awards, organized by the Play for Change Foundation (PFCF), took place Saturday night at The Sacred Space Miami with over 350 guests and performances by artists including funk legend George Clinton, Charlie Soul Club, Emin and more.

During the event, it was announced that PFCF, Florida International University (FIU) Wertheim School of Music, El Arte de los Sueños and Young Musicians Unite will team up to bring music education to 3,500 high school students from 35 Miami-Dade County public schools by week.

Students will have access to a recording studio where they can perform, record, sell and distribute their music on platforms like Spotify and CEEK, all for free.

In addition, the Wertheim School of Music will offer you master classes, seminars and private lessons.

“I am so happy that my foundation is partnering with Playing For Change, Young Musicians Unite and the FIU Wertheim School of Music to bring our program to Miami,” said Maluma, who was wearing a shirtless jacket and jeans. . Her hair was combed back into braids.

“I know that together we will change the lives of these children through music, just as music changed my life,” says the performer, known worldwide for songs like Farandulera, La obsesión or La temperatura.

El Arte de los Sueños, a non-profit organization created by Maluma, works with adolescents in vulnerable situations by teaching the arts and so far has focused its activities on underprivileged areas of Colombia.

The event was co-hosted by PFCF President and Board Member, Whitney Kroenke Silverstein and Archie Drury, respectively, and was presented and broadcast by CEEK Metaverse, a platform that allows music artists to create NFTs, live events, avatars, and digital and social merchandising. games.

PFCF’s mission is to make music a tool for social change through programs implemented in Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, Mali, Nepal, Panama, Rwanda, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Thailand, Uganda, and the United States. join.

“Announcing Maluma as this year’s winner of the 2023 Play for Change Award celebrates his contribution to the long-term success and development of future musical artists, nurturing their passion and creativity from an early age,” said Kroenke Silverstein.

“CEEK Metaverse allows creators to earn money from their artwork no matter where they come from. We are thrilled to be part of such a massive program that honors global superstar Maluma and his foundation, especially to create a pathway for talent to get best chance of reaching its potential.”

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